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Ruth Elliott has been an entrepreneur for over 21 years.   Ruth has been married for 33 years to Jeff Elliott, a retired firefighter and author of the book “Rebounding From Death’s Door”.   Jeff’s book was recently made into a film entitled “HOOVEY” with a theatrical release date of February 1, 2015.  The movie depicts how their son Eric (Hoovey) overcame a massive brain tumor.   Battling incredible odds, Hoovey recovered fully returning to play basketball, receiving a college scholarship.  View the trailer and meet the all star cast on the HOOVEY the Movie tab.

Jeff and Ruth have two children Jennifer and Eric , along with 6 grandchildren.

Although not depicted in the movie, one month after Eric’s brain surgery, their daughter Jennifer contracted Bacterial Spinal Meningitis.   Helping her children overcome their resulting disabilities and the family’s financial woes that followed has given Ruth the rare insight into overcoming adverse obstacles.

As a keynote speaker, Ruth has captured audiences world wide with her message of hope and inspiration.    It is Ruth’s message that has left audiences laughing, crying, and completely inspired.